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Ads on Lrytas TV

An image may convey more than a thousand words…

By cooperating with us, you will be able to take advantage of an opportunity to promote your company’s goods and services on Lithuanian television Lietuvos rytas TV.

Lrytas TV is a common-format television channel aimed at the general audience and showing the best foreign films, series, shows prepared by experienced and popular journalists, world music awards, the most important basketball games and other sports broadcasts.

The station promptly responds to the most urgent and important world events and prepares special live broadcasts.

By ordering an advertisement on the Lietuvos rytas TV, you will obtain a company video specially created for you and broadcast during prime time or at any other time of your choice.


  • Promotional videos are best when you want to reach a more diverse audience, to form an image, to increase awareness, to promote sales, to announce sales campaigns, etc. A promotional video is broadcast at a time of your choice during specified shows or films.
  • Promotional support is best when the customer’s products are related to the contents of the show or when the target audience of the show coincides with your target audience, in order to create a corporate image or to increase brand awareness. Promotional support ensures longer air time. However, such videos are not allowed to promote sales, announce campaigns or advertise third parties.