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GOOGLE ADWORDS – the most effective online advertising!

Google AdWords are advertisements that appear at the top or at the bottom of Google search results. They depend on the search words or phrases selected by the advertiser. The customer pays for the ad only when the user clicks on it.

The famous adage “Leaders choose leaders” perfectly describes the current situation in the Internet search market with regard to the advertising representatives of the major Google search engine in Lithuania.

In 2009, FCR MEDIA LIETUVA, UAB became the first authorised Google AdWords service distributor in the Baltic countries. Google ascribes the status only to serious and reliable companies that can guarantee the quality of service delivery and sales. Companies are provided with diverse information (documents, training, etc.), additional tools (the advertising campaign management system for a large quantity of customers) and all other necessary support tools to promote Google AdWords service sales.

Google Premier SMB Partner Award 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 – for the fourth consecutive year, the FCR MEDIA LIETUVA, UAB has received a Google AdWords EMEA award for an exceptional small and medium business partner. The prize – premium accounts according to the AdWords Quality Score.

To find out more about us – the first Google advertising representative in the Baltic countries, please visit the official Google site Google Premier Partner.

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Search Network means text ads that are displayed in the whole Google search results network (at the top, on the right and at the bottom) according to chosen key phrases.

The Search Network includes Google Search, Shopping, Maps, Images, Groups and other non-Google search sites that cooperate with Google on the search advertisement display. According to Google data as of 2014, the Search Network is used by 97-98% of Lithuanian Internet users.


  • Pay per click, not pay-per-display approach
  • Google AdWords certified specialist advice
  • Professional selection of key phrases
  • Possibility to manage the advertising campaign budget
  • Possibility to reach the target audience
  • Regular reporting on the advertising campaign

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