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Online databases

At the beginning of 2014, there were over 377,000 business entities registered in Lithuania, and about 190,000 of them had the status of an operating company.

Active users of company databases usually have the following questions:

  • Is the company operating de jure or de facto?
  • What line of business is the company in?
  • Which phone number should be dialled for the right company representative to pick up?
  • Which email address should be used in order to reach the right addressee?
  • Which address should be used for a letter/offer to reach the right addressee?
  • How to filter out a very narrow segment of companies (e.g. the biggest companies, companies with x subsidiaries, importers, exporters, producers, etc.)?

All of these questions are related to cost-effectiveness and the optimisation of the quantity and quality of work. FCR MEDIA LIETUVA, UAB databases are intended to help users narrow down the search of the great number of companies in the required segment. The employees of our Database Department renew, correct, and update the details of over 1,000 business entities per week.

If you are looking for business partners or potential clients but, at the same time, you are saving time and money or you do not know where to search for the affordable quality goods or services, try out the creation and/or update of the Lithuanian and foreign company databases service offered by FCR MEDIA LIETUVA, UAB.

Currently, most companies have their own customer databases. However, information is constantly changing. The data that was once purchased or carefully collected, quickly becomes irrelevant: addresses, telephone numbers, and employees of companies change, some companies close down, and new ones emerge. All such databases lose their value eventually. Therefore, FCR MEDIA LIETUVA, UAB offers not only the creation of new relevant databases, but also the renewal of existing ones.

Databases are selected as per individual needs:

  • Type of business, goods, services
  • Geographical location (by districts, towns, areas, etc., by the exact address or by companies located at a certain distance)
  • Number of company employees
  • Gradation of annual turnover
  • Company registration date (newly-registered companies or companies established ten or another significant number of years ago)
  • If what we know about the companies is not enough, we will find out more!

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