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Remarketing is a way to re-attract potential customers (website visitors) who have left the site without any proceedings on it.

Remarketing allows you to reach the users who have previously visited the site and to show them relevant ads across the web or in the Google system. Remarketing provides a possibility of re-connecting with potential customers when they leave your website without any purchase and showing them targeted ads that will encourage them to come back to your website and purchase your product or service. Thus, remarketing is used when you want to show certain ads for certain people at a certain time. Remarketing can be applied in various ways. The most important is to consider the type of the site, business goals and the type of the campaign.

Content Network Remarketing: ads are displayed when the website visitors are surfing the web.
Search Network Remarketing (remarketing lists): ads are displayed when the website visitors are searching for information in the Google system. The visitor accessibility is increased by adding key phrases, selecting and adjusting prices, and selecting appropriate ads for the customers who have visited the website.


  • Returns the lost visitors
  • Reaches potential customers
  • Reaches the most purchase-oriented customers
  • Increases the website / brand credibility
  • Increases the brand / product / service awareness

For remarketing services, please contact:

Agnė Nasevičiūtė | DMA division manager

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