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Toras Case Study

JSC TORAS LT conversion results increment using Google AdWords Display Network campaigns

Toras LT is a young, ambitious, strong-growing shipment delivery company. The main customers are Lithuanians who lives in England, Norway and Lithuania. They are shipping from Lithuania to England and Norway countries and vice versa. England shipping results are doing well so Toras LT decide to find new potential customers for Norway shipping services by using Google Display Network.


• Find new customers using Google Display Network
• Grow companies branding.
• Remind about services using remarketing.


• Make three different campaigns. One for Lithuania, other for Norway and remarketing campaign.
• Create Google Display Network campaigns targeting using relevant display keywords .
• Add campaign exclusion placement that are not interested for the customer.
• Remarketing lists was used to people who didn’t made any goal.


• 2016 July overall goal conversion rate was 21,76% (89 QTY). Goal – “count the price” had 20,29% (83 QTY) conversion rate. Goal – “contacts” had 1,47% (6 QTY) conversion rate.
• 2016 August overall goal conversion rate was 27,25% (200 QTY). Goal – “count the price” had 22,75% (167 QTY) conversion rate. Goal – “contacts” had 3,47% (26 QTY) conversion rate.
• August results compared with July increased: overall goal conversion rate by 25,22%. Goal – “count the price” by 12,12%. Goal – “contacts” by 141,46%.
• Grow measured by quantity increased overall goals 124,72%; “count the price” 101,20%; “contacts” 333,33%.

Using Google AdWords Display campaigns Toras LT reached very high conversion rate results. Client had many new orders and new customer contacts. Remarketing campaign reached potential customers who didn’t achieved any goals. Customer is happy with the result and continues to run Google AdWords Display campaigns.