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Website development

Internet websites allow companies to present themselves in the virtual world. This information channel is a simple and easy way for potential clients to find information about the company, its products and services. Moreover, Internet websites provide added value to a companies by increasing their visibility and reliability, introducing brands, promoting sales of products and services, etc.

An Internet website will only be a beneficial and efficient tool for a company in achieving its long term goals if it is convenient and visually appealing to the user and filled with relevant and clear information that makes it easier to find the company on search engines.

FCR MEDIA LIETUVA UAB provides the following services:

  • Creation of websites;
  • Design adaptation;
  • CMS installation;
  • Installation of additional features;
  • Uploading information;
  • Adapting Internet websites in foreign languages;
  • SEO;
  • Maintenance and support of Internet websites.

 Websites created by us

We may also add various other features to your website that enable the creation of photo or video galleries, maps, banners, Google Analytics, and links to social networks, creation of areas for comments and query forms, site maps, backups as well as protection of the website against unwanted information, etc. Moreover, we can also create simple logos, adapt Internet websites for smart devices, install website versions in different languages, translate and edit website texts, etc.

If you are interested in owning a website, please contact:

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