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Who we are

FCR MEDIA LIETUVA, UAB is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the market of information dissemination, i.e., in the field of advertising services and business information. The company’s success and long-lasting existence has been determined by a huge desire to grow and to develop.

Currently, the whole network of FCR MEDIA LIETUVA, UAB consists of 5 frequently visited websites: visalietuva.lt, statybaplius.lt, imones.lrytas.lt, business-baltics.com and infoplius.lt. In addition, the company has a unique opportunity to represent the European business directory Europages and is the first authorized Google AdWords service distributor in all the Baltic countries.

Since its inception, FCR MEDIA LIETUVA, UAB has released more than 200 wide-ranging information catalogues and CDs, and has been providing information services in online databases. The company currently employs around 80 employees.

For the fourth consecutive year, the company has received a Google AdWords EMEA Premier SMB Partner Award. This year, the award was given for premium accounts according to the AdWords Quality Score. Such awards are an excellent demonstration of the highest rating which shows that the company’s quality and performance standards are at the highest international level. We believe that we were able to take a leading position in the market and maintain it up to today only through our adaptation to the constant changes taking place in the market, and the modernization and implementation of innovations in our activities.

FCR Media Group operates in 13 countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Romania, Hungary and Uruguay (more information on the FCR Media group of companies can be found at www.fcrmedia.com).

The company operates in accordance with modern working methods, quickly responds to changes in the Lithuanian market, and freely invests in the training and leisure of its staff.


  • 5/2/2013 – Verslo media, UAB changes its name to FCR Media Lietuva, UAB and becomes a part of the international group FCR Media.
  • 2009 – Verslo media, UAB becomes the first authorized Google AdWords service distributor in the Baltic countries.
  • February 2008 – Verslo media, UAB is acquired by Baltcap management Ltd., a private equity and venture capital investor for development and buy-outs in the Baltic countries. BaltCap is a member of the European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association and Latvia Venture Capital Fund.
  • 2006 – the Eniro Lietuva, UAB name is changed to Verslo media, UAB
  • September 2005 – the American investment company Texas Pacific Group acquires Eniro Lietuva, UAB
  • December 2001 – the company acquires Televerslas, UAB providing 1666 phone information services
  • 2000 – the Telia InfoMedia International name is changed to Eniro, AB. The company’s shares are listed on the stock exchange in Stockholm. The TeleMedia, UAB name is changed to Eniro Lietuva, UAB, and Infomedia, UAB is changed to Eniro Infomedia, UAB
  • 1997 – establishment of the company Infomedia, UAB providing 1588 phone information services
  • 1996 – Sweden’s Telia InfoMedia International becomes the owner of the company. The name is changed to TeleMedia
  • 1993 – establishment of the company by a Finnish enterprise OY Telefakta AB